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I Hominid All Over the Place

So I was teaching my students about the word root of the word human a while back.  You guys, it’s really cool.  Did you know that the words human, humble, humus, hominid, humility, and humiliate all come from the root … Continue reading

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The Fluctuating Fleet of Floating Flotsam and Other Adventures in Word Roots

At Frog Hollow, we often start the day with a word family, sometimes a spelling family but usually a word root. I’ll throw up a big list of words from that root, some familiar, some awesomely new, and then we’ll … Continue reading

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The Suitcase in the Mirror: cracking The Jabberwock

One of my favorite poems to teach is Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwock.” It is fun to memorize, and thrilling to recite. ‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves/did gyre and gimble on the wabe. It’s pure, exhilarating nonsense. To steal the … Continue reading

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