About Frog Hollow


Frog Hollow School is a language arts program focused on helping young writers thrive. We seek to spark a love of writing in children and to give them the skills they need to express themselves.

In 2022-2023, Frog Hollow is offering the following classes:

Core Class: an immersive, year-long language arts program geared towards homeschoolers. In person classes in Carnation and Seattle, as well as an online option. Ages 8-12

Outdoor Class: two hours of active play, nature immersion, music and creative writing. Locations in Seattle and Carnation. Ages 8-12

Teen Writing Workshop: a space for teens who want to dive deep into creative writing in a social and supportive online atmosphere. Ages 12 -18


Frog Hollow’s curriculum centers on open, creative prompts. Classes are lively, excited spaces where enthusiasm for writing is infectious and everyone is encouraged to find their voice.


The Frog Hollow core curriculum integrates arts, music, social studies, mythology, and ecology into a solid core of language arts. Through a mix of writing, art projects, stories, games, and singing, students receive a firm foundation in creative writing, rhetoric, grammar, spelling, and literature.


Running, playing, and exploring nature are essential parts of childhood and of learning. In our in-person classes we play hard, get muddy, observe changing seasons, have fun, and bring our active experiences in nature back into the classroom.


Students work at their own pace in a mixed-age environment that fosters mutual respect and the joy of learning.


Frog Hollow works to be a place where all children feel at home regardless of race, religion, gender expression, family structure, or background. We strive to include families with as many different financial circumstances as our scholarship funds allow. We seek to share the work of a wide breadth of writers, and to put the literature we encounter into the context of history, including dynamics like racism, sexism, and colonialism, in the service of respecting the full humanity of every human being.

“I sent to Frog Hollow an exceptionally reluctant writer – honestly, I was at the end of my rope – and Becca Hall returned to me a poet, a novelist, a playwright, a field guide researcher, and a kid who “sneak writes” when she should be sleeping.” ~ Elisa, Parent