Core Class

In this comprehensive, in-depth class, we will immerse ourselves in language arts broadly and creatively. We will cover writing mechanics including spelling, grammar, and word roots in addition to writing poetry, stories, research projects, persuasive essays and more. We’ll explore storytelling, the history of the English language, and map-making as a narrative tool. The in-person classes also incorporate art, singing, and active outdoor play and nature immersion.

Frog Hollow offers several Core Class options:

Wednesdays 9:00 to 3:00 in Carnation. Taught by Becca Hall. FULL

Thursdays 9:00 to 3:00 in Carnation. Taught by Sawyer Mickle.

Thursdays 9:30 to 12:30 Online. Taught by Becca Hall

Fridays 9:00 to 3:00 Seattle. Taught by Becca Hall

All classes for ages 8-12.

In person class includes a morning circle, two writing project blocks, snack and lunch, at least an hour of outdoor play, journaling and/or writing games, and a closing singing circle.

Online class meets for an hour, has an hour off-screen for students to take a break and do a writing project, and then meets again for another hour. In addition to the writing project done the morning of class, students have a homework project and journaling prompt to do on their own over the week.

We will observe current state guidelines about masking and social distancing and make any changes necessary as the year progresses to make class a safe and socially responsible environment.

For more information about cost and registration, see the registration page.

Carnation Class

The Wednesday class will meet in downtown Carnation, in a cozy space with couches, a reading nook, and a gas stove for cold mornings. We can walk to Tolt MacDonald Park, where we can run in the fields, hike the forest, play on the gravel bars, watch salmon  from the suspension bridge, and immerse ourselves (and our imaginations) in a vibrant and varied ecosystem. The classroom is not wheelchair accessible.

Tolt MacDonald Park

Seattle Class

The Seattle Core Class meets at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, just off the West Seattle Bridge. Built as a school in 1917, the center now houses many different arts and education organizations in its vibrant, beautiful building. We have use of a large classroom with plenty of space to move and create. There is a community garden on the grounds, a park across the street, and a nearby greenbelt with trails and natural space to play. We enjoy a fertile cross-pollination with the other arts organizations in the building, and often have visiting poets, songwriters, and film-makers from the Youngstown community enrich our class.

Outdoor Writing in the Youngstown Community Garden