Frog Hollow Teen Writers Workshop

Exploratory Creative Writing Workshop

Thursdays 4:30 to 5:30 PST.

Meet weekly online with other teens who love writing. We’ll explore writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. We’ll write in class as well as have a weekly writing assignment. Every week we will learn about writing craft, practice writing techniques, and listen to each other’s work — and of course, we’ll write! Drawing on the work of contemporary and classic writers as well as our own lives and imaginations, we will experiment with many elements of creative writing, from metaphor and sound-play to dialogue and voice. Instructor Becca Hall writes fiction, essays and poetry, and will share experience from her own writing practice as well.

This is not a class focused on ripping apart or critiquing each other’s writing (or for that matter, on punctuation and grammar), but a safe space to write about what matters to you, plumb the limits of your imagination, challenge yourself, try new forms and techniques, and develop your voice as a writer and a human being.

Novel Incubator

Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00, PST.

This weekly online class is for teens who are working on a novel or have one they want to start working on. Over the course of the year, we will have space to dive deeply into these longer projects, getting to know and learning from each other’s work as readers and writers, as well as hearing feedback and getting help with our own writing. Instructor Becca Hall is working on her third novel, and will share experience from her own writing practice as well. We will explore many questions of craft in this class, including character development, perspective, dialogue, plot, and voice. Students should be prepared to both work consistently on their own novels, and to spend time outside class reading and thinking about each other’s work. While we will give each other opinions, this class is not about tearing down each other’s writing, but about encouragement, problem-solving and novel-writing solidarity. It’s an incubator for both novels and writing community.

All genres and experience-levels welcome. Enthusiasm, persistence, and mutual encouragement required.

Fall Quarter: 9/23/21 – 12/9/21

Winter Quarter: 1/6/22 – 3/17/22

Spring Quarter: 3/31/22 – 6/9/22

Ages 12 to 18

Email with questions.