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You Act Evil Like Voldemort: Corona Virus Conversation Poems

The pandemic has my students, like most kids, stuck at home, but we’re still writing. We’ve been using our writing both to do the normal stuff like develop writing skills and express ourselves, and also to wrestle with the strangeness … Continue reading

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Youngstown Poetry Exhibit

If you’re in the Delridge area before June 14th, drop into Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and check out Frog Hollow’s poetry exhibit! It’s in the hallway gallery, on the lockers near the end of the hall. Our poems are about … Continue reading

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Dodo Birds and Orchids

I enjoy many, many things my students write, but every once in a while, one of them writes a poem that really strikes me. I’ll walk around thinking about it. I’ll want to tell it to everyone I know. This … Continue reading

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Poetry in a Vacuum

The Seattle Frog Hollow class wrote this poem as a group this spring. Each student wrote one or two lines and I put them in this order. The prompt was a comparison that had to do with outer space. They … Continue reading

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