Teacher Bios

Becca Hall (Director and Core Class/Teen Workshop Teacher):

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Becca was homeschooled for seven years, including all of high school. When she was eighteen, she attended Stanford University, where she graduated with Interdisciplinary Honors in English.  She received her Masters in Environmental Writing from the University of Montana. She writes poetry, essays, and fiction. She lives in Seattle with her daughter and beloved dog Squinchy (who often helps out in the classroom).

Through Frog Hollow, Becca draws on her own passion for writing as well as over twenty years teaching in a wide range of educational settings. Before founding Frog Hollow in 2011, she taught poetry in elementary school classrooms, tutored high school English, taught preschool at Stanford’s renowned Bing Preschool, led environmental education projects, assisted on college field studies courses at the Sierra Institute,  and taught college composition at the University of Montana.  From 2000 – 2012 she also ran Summer Winds Day Camp, an arts and nature camp in Snoqualmie.  At Summer Winds, she created a camp curriculum that combined arts, music, nature studies, games, storytelling, farming education, and history. Becca loves working with writing students of all levels and learning styles to spark their excitement for writing and belief in their own voices.

Sawyer Mickle (Outdoor Teacher):

Sawyer is a certified elementary teacher who has taught English in Vietnam, 3rd and 4th grade in Wyoming, and everything else in-between here in Washington state. His calling is to be an educator, and nothing brings him more joy and warmth then igniting a student’s love for learning. He believes learning should be fun, hands on, and a little messy. He lives in his hometown of Fall City and also enjoys woodworking, hiking, and beekeeping.

Kristen Walsh (Outdoor Teacher):

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Kristen began teaching in the 1990s in rural Colorado. Then, for a decade, she managed programming at community radio stations, including training hundreds of volunteer deejays.

Since 2006 Kristen has homeschooled her 2 children from preschool through middle school, using an eclectic, Waldorf-influenced, literature-based curriculum. This journey has included playing deeply in the woods with the Vashon Wilderness Program and integrating activism, education and a love of nature with Plant for the Planet.

She embraces holistic, child-led learning and loves to sing in the forest and paint with the birds.

Kristen is excited to experience the changing of the seasons at Seward Park and delighted to build community with a mixed-age group of children.  

She lives in a co-housing community in West Seattle with her husband and 2 teenage sons and enjoys yoga, mountain biking, and playing scrabble.

Joe Mohring (Assistant Teacher and Summer Camp Instructor):

Joe was born and raised in the deciduous forests and gentle rolling hills of western New York.  He spent countless hours building forts in the woods, and catching crayfish and minnows in the rocky creek bed near his house.  Rainy days and bitter winter weekends were perfect opportunities for him to get lost in fantasy and adventure novels.  Joe has always felt a magnetic attraction to music.  As a child he took viola and guitar lessons. When he was 17, he got a drum set for his birthday and has been passionate about percussion ever since.  Joe studied briefly to become a high school English teacher before traveling the country for a few years and is passionate about helping children love writing.

Joe moved to Washington State in September of 2018 to attend the Anake Program at Wilderness Awareness School.  Upon completing the 9 month program, he worked for the school as a youth programs instructor.  When covid hit, Joe was participating in the Anake Leadership Program where he was working with 2 different youth programs as a student teacher.  He has also worked with families in the Redmond area as a private nature connection mentor.  His philosophy is that the best education is found where passion, curiosity and hands-on experience meet.  Joe is focused on providing a safe, inclusive environment for children to explore the world around them.  When he is not working at Frog Hollow School or teaching drum lessons, he is usually poking around muddy trails in search of animal tracks. Joe is Wilderness First Aid certified as well as CPR certified.

Aidan O’Connor (Summer Camp Instructor) :

Aidan grew up as a military dependent, moving around the world to new countries every couple of years. This lack of a home base inspired him to continue traveling after high school, and led to his spending several years abroad. Working from rural permaculture communities in Nepal to horse-therapy farms in Lithuania, from 19th century harbors in Sweden to lively hostels in India, Aidan realized that sometimes the best education can be found in lived experience.

Between the years of travels, he has completed the Wilderness Awareness School’s nine-month wilderness immersion program, as well as their Apprenticeship working with teens. He has worked as a private guitar and piano teacher for almost ten years, and loves helping kids discover and hone their creative impulses. Aidan is passionate about travel, music, games, regenerative agriculture, and books, to name a few things. He can often be found playing guitar in the woods or throwing frisbees on the beach.