Job Openings

Assistant Teacher Position — 2019-20 school year

Frog Hollow School is looking for an enthusiastic and kind person with a background in alternative/arts education to assist in the classroom.  Great opportunity to observe a thriving alternative education class in action and to develop teaching skills with mentorship.

Frog Hollow School is a writing program for homeschooled children ages seven through twelve. Frog Hollow classes meet weekly for a whole school day and explore many aspects of language arts, using poetry and other creative writing as the core of a curriculum that also includes spelling and grammar, word roots, storytelling, research writing, persuasive writing, art, singing, and nature studies. We spend over an hour every class playing outside and exploring nearby parks. Each class is a mix of ages and academic abilities, and each child approaches the projects individually.

Frog Hollow offers three separate classes: two that meet in Carnation (on Wednesdays and Thursdays) and one that meets in Seattle on Fridays. Assistant needed only in the Carnation classes. Classes have 16 students, a teacher and an assistant.

Job Description:

Assist in the classroom, helping students individually with academics, creative work, behavior, first aid, and other needs. Help with set-up and clean-up before and after class. Assist teacher with in-class prep. Accompany class on outdoor adventures. Supervise/participate in snack and lunchtime. Set a positive, nurturing, kind, imaginative, and playful tone. Opportunities to lead lessons, as well as support in developing teaching skills.

Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:45 – 3:30 in Carnation.

Pay: $16.50/hr, no benefits.

Late September through Mid-June, normal school holidays


~ Teaching experience, preferably arts education or alternative education.

~ Strong language arts skills and excitement about teaching both writing mechanics and creative writing.

~ Strong spelling and grammatical skills (and the humility to check when you don’t know something).

~ Ability to reliably show up to each class on time. (Getting a sub is possible but difficult.)

~ Willingness to be fingerprinted and a clean background check. (Will be reimbursed for fingerprinting.)

~ Experience working with children with a range of learning challenges, academic abilities, and needs.

~ Cultural sensitivity and political/religious acceptance: the ability to make students of all backgrounds and family beliefs feel respected and included.

~ Strong communication skills: ability to coordinate smoothly with lead teacher, connect with children, and communicate with parents.

~ Talent for creating a nurturing, respectful, joyful, challenging, creative, and co-operative learning environment that respects students as human beings and calls upon them to be their best selves.

~ Ability to carry folding tables and boxes of supplies and to accompany class on walks in the woods.

~ Willingness to participate in group singing time.

~ Willingness to take instructions and assist teacher’s vision.

~ 18 years or older.


Additional desired strengths:

~ Desire to gain experience leading lessons and receive mentorship in alternative education.

~ Creative writing skills – enthusiasm for poetry, playwriting, comics, fiction, etc.

~ Storytelling skills.

~ Knowledge of natural history.

~ Knowledge of other languages.

~ Artistic skills.

~ First aid skills.


Please contact Becca Hall at if interested.