I Hominid All Over the Place

So I was teaching my students about the word root of the word human a while back.  You guys, it’s really cool.  Did you know that the words human, humble, humus, hominid, humility, and humiliate all come from the root humus/homo, which means soil? Even linguistically, humanity goes back to the earth. I was waxing on excitedly about this when one of my students pointed out something else:  HOMINID SOUNDS LIKE VOMITED! Hot diggity, did that get their attention.  We spent the next few minutes writing brilliantly on such topics as when the hominid vomited humbly on the humus.  Interestingly (I swear), humor comes not from humus but from humid, as it originally referred to humors, those lovely medieval fluids, and when one was in good humor, one’s fluids were doing well, and presumably, one was not hominiding, even on the humble humus.