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James Bond and the Past Perfect: teaching grammar through poems

As I was organizing things for the first class of the year yesterday, I found a gem from the archives. We had been learning about the past perfect tense and how weird it is to try to write in it … Continue reading

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Three Minute Poetry

Here’s a quick idea to get the creative juices flowing this summer: Three Minute Poetry. Good for adults too! Three minute poetry is a great way to help people break through the idea that they can’t write, or that they … Continue reading

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Horizontal Weasel Cookies

Here is a great exercise for breaking through our own boringness, getting exposure to the texture and beauty of foreign languages, and just practicing getting words down on paper quickly. I’ve found even some of my most reluctant writers to … Continue reading

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Ze is awesome: adventures with gender-neutral pronouns

English is missing a word. (Well, probably many words.) However, this is a really useful word: it’s a gender-neutral singular pronoun for people. In the good-old-boy days, they just said “he” but that’s not cool anymore, nor should it be. … Continue reading

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