Wild Word Games

Summer feeling looooooong? Here are three crazy word games to occupy minds young and old. Bananagram Poetry This game works just like Bananagrams (or Speed Scrabble if you play with Scrabble tiles instead of┬áthe nifty little banana bag), but after all the game is over there is one more step: everyone moves one place toContinue reading “Wild Word Games”

Math + Poems = Swagness

Today, in honor of April Fool’s Day, we pretended to do math instead of writing. We wrote a math poem, where each line had to have an equation but everything was words instead of numbers. It was so fun it felt like a game — might be a great writing assignment for a math-focused kid.Continue reading “Math + Poems = Swagness”

Writing to Music

Once or twice a year, I bring my mp3 player into class, and we write to music. We write to things like Tchaikovsky, Bach, Buena Vista Social Club, Edith Piaf, fiddle tunes, Tuvan throat singing, and a seven year old’s piano compositions. I avoid English lyrics, just to let everyone’s imaginations be free of aContinue reading “Writing to Music”

The Lists Game

Humor is a great teaching tool. That is one of the reasons that games can be such a great way to learn something. One of my favorites is the Lists Game. It is a pass-the-paper game, along the same lines as Exquisite Corpse, but instead of making crazy stories, it makes silly lists. Because youContinue reading “The Lists Game”