Math + Poems = Swagness

Today, in honor of April Fool’s Day, we pretended to do math instead of writing. We wrote a math poem, where each line had to have an equation but everything was words instead of numbers. It was so fun it felt like a game — might be a great writing assignment for a math-focused kid. It has a comforting structure yet at the same time it gets right into metaphorical thinking.

Our poem went many different places. We had sweet lines like The girls in Frog Hollow + me = friendship, existential lines like  Nothing + nothing = nothing, and factual lines like Purple – red = blue.  There was a great sense of self-awareness and humor, showing up in this line about my dog and his taste in perfume, Squinchy + something dead that smells = he can’t come in the lodge,  and  Frog Hollow – writing = a bunch of kids being crazy in a barn. To sum it all up, Frog Hollow + creative minds = boom.

To see more of what Frog Hollow + creative minds make, come to our Open House, 7 pm, Monday April 6th.