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In Defense of Boredom

It’s important to have unstructured time. It’s important to have time to daydream, to wander, to tinker, to putz. It’s important to get bored. That’s right. Bored. As I understand it, boredom is a necessary blankness that makes space for … Continue reading

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Working with Challenged Writers

Learning to write is hard work for most children, but for kids with learning differences it can be especially difficult. Often with those children, there are a few aspects of writing that lag far behind their general understanding of language. … Continue reading

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Precocious Writers

I have students who write things I wish I could steal. I have students who can spell better than I can. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do with these gifted writers.¬†They can be on a completely different … Continue reading

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A Grateful Run

Running through the fog today, in the pre-festivity Thanksgiving morning lull, I started thinking about how grateful I am to have work that I love. Frog Hollow is pretty much my grown-up equivalent of unschooling; I get to share what … Continue reading

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