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14 Ways to Model Literacy

As we all know so well, children don’t just learn the lessons we plan to teach them. They learn by what we model for them.┬áSo if we want kids to be capable readers and writers, we have to do more … Continue reading

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Pretty Beautiful

“It’s so pretty! Wow, it’s so beautiful! Look at that, it’s so pretty! Isn’t it beautiful? Oh, PRETTY!!!” That was me, age ten, hiking with my family at Mt. Rainier. “It’s just so beautiful. Oh wow, it’s so pretty!” This … Continue reading

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In Defense of Boredom

Happy summer, everyone! I’ve got some fun ideas of ways to play with writing and language that I’ll share throughout the summer, but I want to start out by saying how important summer vacation is. It’s important to have unstructured … Continue reading

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