Guide to Tolt MacDonald Park

This is a guide to Tolt MacDonald Park, written by the 2017/18 Carnation Frog Hollow class. We went to the park weekly, and here are our recommendations about how to enjoy this special place, and maps explaining how to find things. AMENITIES There are places where you can find amenities. The park has pit toiletsContinue reading “Guide to Tolt MacDonald Park”

Act 2, Scene 3, Mountain Lion Sits in his Cave

We have just finished our second-ever attempt at writing plays and, while I know I’m biased, I think they came out pretty good.¬†Playwriting with children can be a little daunting, partly because the results can be so bad: stiff, surreal, melodramatic. Yet playwriting can also be a great exercise in collaboration, storytelling, character-building, plot, humor,Continue reading “Act 2, Scene 3, Mountain Lion Sits in his Cave”

How to Build an Animal Nest

While my students wrote many moving letters for change this spring, there is one letter I wanted to share here, partly because you all are exactly who could enact the vision it describes (much better than the president!) and partly because I think it expresses something so beautiful and essential about what it is likeContinue reading “How to Build an Animal Nest”