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Homonyms: Fun Four Yew Two

My two classes have been having a friendly competition. Each class has been collecting homonyms of the sounds-the-same-but-spelled-differently-and-means-different-things variety. We set the end of February as the end of the official competition, but neither class wants to stop collecting. As … Continue reading

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The Homonym List

Writing about puns got me thinking¬†about homonyms, which made me think of The Homonym List. My little sister was a math kid. She used to¬†put pictures of the math books she had finished in the photo cover of her school … Continue reading

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Very Punny

So I have a soft spot for bad puns. It’s probably why I get along with seven year olds. I’m talking really bad, like why did the golfers wear two pairs of pants? In case they got a hole in … Continue reading

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