Precocious Writers

I have students who write things I wish I could steal. I have students who can spell better than I can. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do with these gifted writers. They can be on a completely different academic plane than the rest of the class, and can seem to want so muchContinue reading “Precocious Writers”

A Grateful Run

Running through the fog today, in the pre-festivity Thanksgiving morning lull, I started thinking about how grateful I am to have work that I love. Frog Hollow is pretty much my grown-up equivalent of unschooling; I get to share what I am passionate about with people who are bright-eyed and passionate themselves. It’s pretty great.Continue reading “A Grateful Run”

Wishes, Lies, Dreams

I’m going to start off by telling you one of my secrets. Frog Hollow writes tons of poetry. That’s no secret, and it’s no secret that with the right infectious enthusiasm, teaching poetry to children can help them get lit up about writing, about language, and about the centuries-long conversation about the human experience thatContinue reading “Wishes, Lies, Dreams”

Welcome to the Frog Hollow Blog

Welcome to the Frog Hollow Blog. Here you can find periodic ruminations on teaching writing and everything that relates, including some of my tried and true lessons. Please try them, and let me know how it goes. And meanwhile, consider the word rumination. It’s no mistake it sounds suspiciously like ruminant. It means, quite literally, to chewContinue reading “Welcome to the Frog Hollow Blog”