Ze is awesome: adventures with gender-neutral pronouns

English is missing a word. (Well, probably many words.) However, this is a really useful word: it’s a gender-neutral singular pronoun for people. In the good-old-boy days, they just said “he” but that’s not cool anymore, nor should it be. “It” is gender-neutral, but also implies a lack of humanity. “He or she” is correctContinue reading “Ze is awesome: adventures with gender-neutral pronouns”

You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto: An Intro to American Dialects

This week we are learning about dialects in Frog Hollow, American dialects in particular. We started by talking about how many different words there are for the same thing, and how people from different places speak English differently, and how they are all “right.” Then we took a class survey. I asked them a wholeContinue reading “You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto: An Intro to American Dialects”