Frog Hollow Poetry Exhibit

The Seattle classes have collaborated on a poetry exhibition in the hallway art gallery at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. If you’re in Delridge, drop on by! We wrote and illustrated poems largely on the theme of wishes and dreams in honor of Martin Luther King Day. But we didn’t define that narrowly — there are poems ranging from serious poems about peace and justice all the way to one about how terrible guacamole is. There is also a poem in Korean (and English), because we had a guest student from Korea. Students worked hard on their poems and posters, and were thrilled to be able to share their work with the larger Youngstown community. We’ve been writing a lot of social justice focused things this winter, centered around MLK Day, and it has been exciting to see students express their compassion, hope, sense of justice, and wacky creativity, as well as explore the power writing has to grapple with things that make us angry and sad.

Below is a small selection from our exhibit. Enjoy!