Outdoor Class

Small Group ~ Outdoors

Frog Hollow follows the philosophy that the best possible education for children involves lots of free play and outside adventures — and we believe that with masks, distancing, hygiene and creativity it can be done in a safe and socially responsible way that is still fun.

The outdoor class will meet for two hours, from 1:30 to 3:30. Wednesday and Thursday classes will meet at Tolt MacDonald Park, while Friday meets at Seward Park.

The outdoor class will mix active play, nature exploration, outdoor writing, storytelling and singing. At least half the class time will be for play and adventures, with a 20-30 minute writing project (or a story) and some closing singing.

Aidan O’Connor will be the lead teacher. Aidan is a playful and skilled outdoor and games instructor and musician, with experience at both Frog Hollow and Wilderness Awareness School.

The afternoon class will compliment the morning class, but be a stand-alone curriculum. Students can sign up for just mornings or just afternoons and mix and match days. The outdoor class will cap at about eight students. More sections possible if there is interest.

Tuition: $225 per quarter.

Sign up for the outdoor class here.