Outdoor Class

A creative, social, outdoor education

At Frog Hollow, we believe that children need lots of free play, outside adventures, and space for creative expression. And we believe that creativity and nature connection each deepen each other.

When children get to move and play outside in wild spaces, they carry that life into their writing. And when children are encouraged to be outside with their whole creative, playful selves, they connect to nature imaginatively and emotionally.

And so, the Frog Hollow Outdoor Class!

The outdoor class mixes active play, nature exploration, and playful writing projects. At least half the class time will be for play and adventures, with about a 30-40 minute writing project.

Ages 8-12.

Frog Hollow Outdoor Class instructors are fun-loving nature geeks with strong creative bents.

Session 1: Wednesdays

2:45 – 4:45, Seward Park.

Option to meet at ORCA K-8 after early release and walk with instructor down to Seward Park.

Session 2: Thursdays

1:30 – 3:30, Tolt MacDonald Park.

For cost and registration, please see the registration page.

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