About Frog Hollow

IMG_0368Frog Hollow School is a once-a-week all day language arts program for homeschoolers. Students develop their writing skills and gain confidence in their own voices in a creative, social, and intellectually stimu-lating environment. Frog Hollow offers three separate classes for ages seven through twelve: Wednesdays in Carnation, Thursdays in Carnation, and Fridays in Seattle. Registration for Fall 2020 will open April 15th. Please apply using the form on the registration page.

Curious about the Frog Hollow philosophy? Read this article  by director Becca Hall on working with reluctant writers.



 The Frog Hollow curriculum integrates arts, music, social studies, mythology, and ecology into a solid core of language arts. Through a mix of writing, art projects, stories, singing, creative play, and outdoor exploration, students receive a firm foundation in creative writing, rhetoric, grammar, spelling, and literature. Part of each day is also spent at the park playing and exploring nature.

IMG_0372Frog Hollow is experiential and interest-led.  Students work at their own pace in a mixed-age environment that fosters mutual respect and the joy of learning. Class meets for a full school day once a week.

“I sent to Frog Hollow an exceptionally reluctant writer – honestly, I was at the end of my rope – and Becca Hall returned to me a poet, a novelist, a playwright, a field guide researcher, and a kid who “sneak writes” when she should be sleeping.” ~ Elisa, Parent